About Us

Ossi + Myler is a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing consulting firm founded on the principal that cutting-edge design, responsive service and quality assurance should be delivered for all scale of projects and budgets.

From a complex medical facility, to a community center, to a typical tenant improvement, Ossi + Myler is a talented group of individuals who are passionate about their craft and their clients’ success.

With shared experience of over 43 years, Ossi + Myler has a portfolio of experience which includes numerous successful institutional, medical, office/commercial, and, amenity facilities.

Ossi + Myler’s professionals are equipped to address specific and focused client needs.  Ossi + Myler exists to serve all of your design requirements and professionals will ultimately prove our value through the delivery of your successful project.

Lawrence Ossi
From my freshman year in high school, I knew I’d be an engineer. As a matter of fact, I set the path to Electrical Engineering right away. Before I could drive, I was making money installing car stereos, just to play with the wires, and show off a bit. I was always fascinated by everything electrical, from motors to radios. In fact, I built each of those items for separate science fair projects along the way. Click here to learn more.

Lonnie Myler
For me engineering has always been about the challenge of creating a solution to a need. It started early in my education with the desire to solve complex mathematical problems and eventually evolved into a fascination with what makes our physical world tick. One of the things I love about our profession is it affords us the opportunity to use the skills we learned in education when many other careers do not. Click here to learn more.